CT scanner skin marker 2.3mm

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Why use the markers to the skin?
. Simpler
. Faster
. More efficient
. Precise indication area to explore
. Diagnostic Support

Benefits of CT-SCAN markers:
- marking the skin maximizes the diagnostic radiologist and reduces the seek time of the patient by the manipulator. In addition, the marking to the skin reduces the irradiation zone and therefore patient dose.
- Our markers in the CT-SCAN radio-attenuators skin are specially designed for use in positron digitized.
- Our markers in the CT-SCAN skin are easily identifiable - appear bright white on the image properly communicate the interest or concern area radiologist and the exploration area for manipulator.
- Economics - the cost is quickly recouped by the time savings made when positioning the patient and diagnostic
- Without artefact - polymer marking The ball can generate images without artifacts
- Prevents recovery shots - Optimizes the irradiated area and accordingly reduced the radiation dose to the patient and the patient anxiety
- 100% latex free and hypoallergenic - safe for patients

Conditioning :
Box of 50 markers in the skin
UGAP reference
Gross weight
Net weight

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