Test patern for internal dental quality control CQI

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Dental test patern for digital dental panoramic and digital retro-alveolar systems.

Each test patern is delivered with its X-RAY SOFT data processing software.

The decision of 8 December 2008 laying down the quality control procedures for dental radiology facilities requires radiologists and dentists using dental panoramic and / or retro-alveolar devices to carry out internal quality checks, carried out by the operator or a provider of his choice, and external, carried out by an organization approved by the ANSM.

The HELTIS group provides solutions to help you carry out the internal quality controls.

In addition to the marketing of the material necessary for the performance of the internal quality controls, we provide you with a detailed guide of the procedure describing the operating modes of the different tests, the standard documents, as well as a software allowing to easily manage your results.

Become autonomous on CQIs: save time and money!

Who is concerned ?
- All users of digital dental panoramic
- All Digital Backhole Users
WARNING ! This test object is not suitable for analog systems.

When do we have to comply and achieve this CQI ?

1 Before 26/09/09 or within 3 months after commissioning for generators installed after 26/12/08.

2 Before: 26/12/09 for generators installed before 26/12/98,
on 26/12/10 for generators installed between 26/12/98 and 26/12/03,
26/12/11 for generators installed after 26/12/03,
the first clinical use for generators installed after 26/12/08.
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