Protection of non-lubricated latex probe small sterile format

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Protecting a very high density rolled latex probe to permanently and efficiently protect the probes in order to eliminate cross contamination.
Before any invasive functional exploration requiring the use of a sterile probe protection, the probe must imperatively be treated by a high level disinfection. We recommend UV-C disinfection or wet disinfection of the probe.

- Disposable sterile protections, delivered in unitary peel sachets, sterilized by radiation
- For a perfect positioning of the protection on the probe, an adhesive strip is provided

Available formats:
- 13.5x55mm
- 20x200mm
- 26x200mm
- 30x200mm
- 30x300mm
- 33x195mm
- 36x300mm
- 40x300mm
Length mm
Width mm
Gross weight
Net weight

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